Infinite Earths Film Production

In Production – An Extinction

Infinite Earths Film Production is excited to announce that their first feature film is currently in pre-production. A post apocalyptic road movie, the story revolves around 2 sisters and a man who have survived the collapse of society and must figure out ways to keep going. Written and directed by Evan Heneghan, with DOP Pearse Healy, it’s due out in 2019.

Here’s a small teaser:
It starts with an extensively drug resistant strain of TB in Western Australia, and total extinction of all human, animal, plant, and bacterial life on the planet. Only the birds, and a few bedraggled and starving survivors remain. Some are the lucky ones who survived their infection. Others are the resourceful ones who managed to avoid the airborne Red11 infection altogether.
Aoife and Niamh are two of the latter, sisters who live on in post-apocalyptic Ireland, having avoided the disease altogether through reclusiveness, caution, and luck. They spend their days trawling the Irish countryside for anything that will help keep them alive, staying one foot ahead of starvation and infection, not daring to approach the lawless anarchy of the big towns and cities that are left. At night they retreat to their base, a small house deep in the wilderness, where they read, play board games, and remember the past.

Stay tuned for updates, behind the scenes, and images!